After one private session, the semi-private option can be ideal for two individuals to work together, if they are of similar physical ability.  

Our time during a semi-private session will focus on the foundations and principals of Pilates, while allowing space for deep connection through movement and breath.  

This will include:

- Safe core & pelvic floor work
- Posture & Alignment
- Muscle balance and control
- Safe stretches to ease tension
- 2 or 3 exercises to take home with you to focus on between sessions

*Offering FREE 15 minute consultations for new clients*
4 Session Treatment Package, $35 per person
8 Session Treatment Package, $30 per person
*All Sessions are 60 minutes in length*
*One private session required for each client prior to beginning semi-private sessions, to allow time for Health Intake, Postural Assessment & Diastasis Recti check (fee: $70)*